Cambridge Woodcraft Folk

What is “Woodcraft”?

The Woodcraft Folk as an organisation started in 1925 in South East London. The word “Woodcraft” was used by the writer and naturalist Ernest Thompson Seton in the early 1900s to describe the skills needed to live in the open air, close to nature.
The Woodcraft Folk head office is in London and provides various services to district organisations, groups and individuals. Have a look at the National Woodcraft Folk website for more information.

About Cambridge District Woodcraft Folk

Woodcraft Folk in Cambridge is a parent-led voluntary organisation which is a part of the national registered charity.
Representatives from each group meet together monthly to discuss relevant issues and organise district-wide events such as camps, walks, picnics and parties.
The present Cambridge District organisation was started in 1981 with an ‘Elfin’ group meeting in the Grove School, Arbury. In the 25 years since, many groups have opened and some have closed as children have grown up and moved on. Currently there are six groups in the City.

Through our activities, which include co-operative games, discussion, drama, craft, singing, hiking and camping, our members learn the values of co-operation, democracy, friendship and peace. We try to give members an understanding, at a level appropriate to them, of important issues such as the environment, world debt and global conflict, with a key focus in recent years being sustainable development.

We do not have a set uniform; although our members often choose to wear green T-shirts or Sweatshirts with logos; or T-shirts or ‘woodie hoodies’ designed by our own youth groups.