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Camps and Residentials

Cambridge district organises several camps every year usually including:
Spring camp, the last weekend of May; for all ages, sometimes with groups from other towns.
Elfin camp, a weekend in early summer.
Pioneer camp, a different weekend in early summer.
Summer camp for all ages, a week in summer, sometimes rather than our own summer camp we attend an Anglia camp with other eastern region districts or a national camp, with woodies from all over the UK.

We usually organise a couple of weekends at woodcraft owned centres, such as Lockerbrook in Derbyshire and Darsham Station in Suffolk (which we are helping to renovate) as well as others. These are either family events or for specific age ranges.

We also usually attend national camps such as Venturer camp, held every 3 years and DFs go to DF camp held every year - these are normally earlier than our district summer camp.