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Membership matters

Who needs to be a member and how to go about it…


The Woodcraft Folk is committed to practices which seek to safeguard children, and has a Safeguarding Policy that is based on the Home Office Code of Practice Safe from Harm (1993). As a youth charity we are keen to encourage volunteers from all walks of life and with varied experience who can engage with and support our young members to participate in Woodcraft Folk activities. More information can be found at woodcraft.org.uk.

Who needs to apply for adult membership and complete a DBS enhanced check?

All regular Woodcraft Folk volunteers over 18 years of age need to be adult members of Woodcraft Folk and complete an Enhanced DBS check. ‘Regular’ is defined as:

There should be no exceptions, and all volunteers should be registered before they begin group activities or take part in a camp or overnight activity.

Group leaders and camp or residential trip organisers must check with either of the District membership secretaries whether adult (over 18) volunteers have registered as members.

16 & 17 year olds also need to be full members and DBS checked by us if they help at a group, go on an overnight trip or attend a camp, in other words attend activities with children 15 or under.

Applying for membership

Either of the Cambridge District membership secretaries will process applications for you, or you can apply on-line at woodcraft.org.uk

June 2016 with changed parts highlighted