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Elfins 6 - 9 yrs

What do 6 - 9 year olds like doing? Making a lot of noise, being physically active, laughing and having fun - well, that's the style of Elfin group nights.

A typical Elfin evening consists of some quieter times - when we listen to each others news, or get involved in craft activities or sing songs together, and some more lively ones.

Through the experience of working co-operatively and problem solving together the young people learn how this can work for them in practice - parachute games don't work terribly well if just one person is holding on to the parachute! Common activities for Elfin groups include cooking, drama, going swimming, singing and a wide variety of games.

Recent activities at one Elfin group have included making a patchwork quilt out of paper, taking each other blindfolded round an obstacle course and an always popular trip to a local swimming pool.

Parents are expected to help at meetings on a rota basis, this normally works out at once or twice a term.

Badger Elfins

Liz Dignam

Acorn Elfins
St Matthews

Justine McLachan

Chipmunk Elfins

Helen Wilkes

Evergreen Elfins
U of Cambridge Primary School for Autumn, then Storey's Field Centre

Stephen Lintott