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We often form delegations to visit similar organisations in other countries and have them come to stay at our summer camps through the International Falcon Movement - an umbrella organisation for progressive youth groups worldwide - of which the Woodcraft Folk is a member.

In the summer of 2006 The Woodcraft Folk hosted Global Village, an international youth festival in Kent, on behalf of the IFM, which brought together around 4500 adults and young people from all over the world to explore themes based around the 8 UN millennium development goals. Cambridge District raised funds to bring 10 Peruvian children to the camp and we also had a large group from Norway. Click here for photos and reports.

In recent years we've hosted groups from and visited Hungary and Norway.

In the summer of 2009 14 of us went to Peru to visit the Peruvians who had been our guests in 2006. click here for a report.