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Pioneers 10 - 12 yrs pioneer grating cheese

Pioneers still require what are fundamentally children's activities, but as they are no longer young children they enjoy (and need) being stretched a bit more. A typical Pioneer evening is similar to an Elfin evening, but somewhat noisier and wilder. We do crafts - trying to have a go at harder or more grandiose things - games and outdoor activities, as well as semi-social events and some political and social discussions. Typically an evening will start off with a planned activity or craft and finish off with a game or two.

Pioneers have access to a wide choice of outdoor activities, including night walks and orienteering, nature conservancy work, visits to outdoor activities centres, overnight bivouacs and Pioneer expeditions and camps. The expeditions and camps (at local campsites, Youth Hostels and Woodcraft centres such as Cudham and Lockerbrook) are particularly popular and play a significant part in converting Pioneers from just a bunch of friends to a group that works together.

A favourite part of the Cambridge Pioneer program is the annual Eastern Region Pioneer camp where the Pioneers are responsible not only for cooking their own food, but also for planning the menu and doing all of the food buying from a fixed budget. Pioneers are usually present in large (and vocal) numbers at District camps and other activities.

Parents are expected to help at meetings on a rota basis; this normally works out at once or twice a term.

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