Cambridge Woodcraft Folk

List for Camps

Mark everything with your name - unmarked lost property often stays lost!

Ground Sheet- at least 6' x 3' (Thick plastic sheet will do)

Thermal camping mat

Sleeping bag

Warm sleepwear- an extra sweater and socks is a good idea to wear on top of pyjamas.

Eating things - unbreakable plate, dish, cup, knife ,fork, spoon and tea towel - in a drawstring bag or strong carrier.

Washkit- towel, soap, flannel, toothbrush, toothpaste, tooth mug, hairbrush, comb, shampoo, sun cream

Waterproof coat or cagoule - preferably one that can be carried easily when not being worn

Warm sweaters - several which can be worn on top of each other

Shorts or skirts, and trousers

Shirts, T-shirts

Underwear and socks

Warm hat and gloves for all camps, sun hat for camps during summer months

Strong shoes or boots or wellies - it is essential to have some waterproof footwear.

Trainers or plimsolls or sandals or flip-flops

Torch - battery type, and spare batteries

Water bottle - for carrying drink on outings - preferably at least 1 pint capacity

Plastic bag for dirty clothes

Swimsuit and towel

Essential teddies only

Useful but not essential

Woodcraft Folk Shirt, T-Shirt or Sweatshirt

Waterproof trousers - with opening at bottom of leg seam so they can be put on without first removing your boot

Notebook and pencil, book to read

Small rucksack or haversack for outings

Please do not bring extra sweets, biscuits (we provide the food), Electronic games, Radios, Walkrnans.

Notes on camping equipment list

This list is suitable for all tented camps. It may seem long, but experience has shown that this is what each child needs in order to be able to look after her/himself at camp. There are few special items which you are unlikely to have. If there are any problems, it may be possible to borrow equipment. Please ask your group leader. We have some equipment, such as walking boots and waterproofs to lend.

Your child needs things to keep her/him warm and dry. It can be very cold at camp during the evening and at night, especially if it has been hot during the day. The range of temperature and weather conditions can be enormous, even during a weekend camp, so you need to be prepared for all eventualities!

*It is a good idea to pack with your child, so that she/he knows what she/he has brought.*

Please try to get everything into one rucksack or bag. Remember that your child will be responsible for her/his own gear, so the fewer items the better. Sleeping bags will squash down surprisingly small if stuffed a handful at a time into a stuffsac or carrier bag. It's kinder to the sleeping bag to stuff it rather than roll it. The creases soon drop out.

Groundsheets are to use outside the tent to air bedding and clothes during the day. Any waterproof sheet will do. Thermal mats are not waterproof.

Make sure eating things are named in such a way that it won't wash off. We suggest paint or nail varnish, or plastic tape e.g. electrical tape marked with an indelible pen. Eating things need to be in a bag which will last for the whole camp, to keep them clean when not in use.

Coats should be able to be dried quickly. Thick winter coats are not suitable.